Empower Girls, Amplify Young Voices:
International Day of the Girl

Help girls become unstoppable.

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Be a guest of honor at Smythe Clubhouse and lead young girls in envisioning their future. Sign up to submit your interest for the event!

Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Smythe Cubhouse
2195 Cunningham Ave,
San Jose, CA 95122


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About IDG

International Day of the Girl (IDG) is a global observance dedicated to championing the rights and empowerment of girls everywhere. This event is an annual and internationally recognized observance on October 11th. Like its adult version, International Women’s Day (March 8), International Day of the Girl acknowledges the importance, power, and potential of adolescent girls.

Why Today’s Girls Need You Now

Girls are brave. Girls are bold. But today’s girls are up against challenges, unlike any generation before them.

Build Critical Skills

Today’s girls say their conflict resolution and teamwork skills need improvement.

Boost Self-Esteem

20% of girls report being electronically bullied during the past year, and nearly half did not tell an adult.

Better Their Mental Health

The majority of girls rate their ability to cope with challenges as medium to very low.

The Solution


By providing access to mentors and confidence-building activities, we unlock the potential in young girls and contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society.

Role Modeling

Positive role models help children learn through observation and imitation. Even as young women dream of their future, visualizing the pathway to it is difficult without someone to emulate. When they see and meet women who have achieved success in their lives, it can open up their minds to new possibilities.

Community Engagement

Community support is vital in the effort to uplift young women and girls. Investing in women, especially when they are young, creates a ripple effect, improving not only their lives but also that of their families and communities.