Founded in 1944, Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley (BGCSV) is a non-profit youth development organization that offers innovative and effective afterschool and summer enrichment programs primarily for low income, at-risk Santa Clara County youth ages 6-18 years. BGCSV serves approximately 3,000 regular members at 16 Clubhouses locations in San Jose, Morgan Hill, and Gilroy. The majority of the youth we serve are living in economically depressed, high crime neighborhoods with an absence of adult role models or mentors.

Silicon Valley’s future prosperity is dependent upon growing a middle-class workforce ready to meet the global demands of a knowledge-based economy. We know that the path to building our future workforce is preparing local youth with the skills required to succeed in college and a career. We aim to help close the opportunity gap to achieve greater economic, political, and social equality among disadvantaged youth and the communities in which they live.

BGCSV takes a holistic approach to creating well-rounded, confident, and healthy youth and aims to provide programs and services that speak to all aspects of a child’s development. To achieve these goals, comprehensive curricula are provided within the following Core Enrichment Program Areas that address the academic, linguistic and cognitive growth, and emotional and social needs of youth. Core Program Areas are age and developmentally appropriate; are supportive of the diversity of children and families served, including culture and language; and are operationally efficient and effective.